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I bet you’re wondering what this blog is about. Well I’m wondering how you got here. Now we’re both curious. Which is the perfect starting place.

Welcome to mydrunkennoodle.com.

I can’t promise you much. No cohesion, no point, no profundity to all of this bloggy woggy mess. But we’ll laugh. My god, we’ll laugh. Is that enough for you? It’s everything to me.

And if you’ve ever read my writing, or at least have a sense of my Facebook statuses, you know my style of writing consists of self-deprecating revelations of my undeserved, extraordinary life which, at best, is a failed attempt to veil my great love for the world, and at worst, is an orgy of commas.

A little bit about myself

My name is Liza and I hail from Stockton, a sad, violent little city in what I call the armpit of California. But only I can say that, because I say it lovingly. I love my hometown, but it too successfully raises children to think that the world is too big for them. So I got out right quick! But then kept coming back, I guess because it’s just one of those wrecks you can’t stop staring at… and trying to fix.

My hustle is crafting and passing legislation for the state of California, which means I work in the glorious State Capitol! It’s *kind of* a dream of mine to do what I do, and it was 11-year-old-Liza’s dream to wear high heels to work, so we both win, and that child-adult double-win is what life is all about.

I’m really driven by compassion and a desire to make the ripples of my existence positive. I like little moments, little children, self-reflection, a growth-mindset, leather purses, whiskey, admiring thriving plants from afar, being taken very seriously, not being taken seriously, etc. My urge to create is real, and writing has always been my #1 outlet. Sharing is often not necessary, but I thought this blog could be a nice challenge in critiquing and focusing my writing. (Also something about vulnerability, but that’s for la-hoosers.)

Some things you can find in this blog:

  • A simultaneous celebration of the English grammatical canon and the utter rejection of real words and form.
  • My musings, work ideas, great ideas, which are sometimes just ideas, imagination, and dinner.
  • Girl Talk: Equality, and self-serving photos of myself on days where my makeup looks more or less the same as it always does, but took commensurately more effort.
  • Shop Talk: Commentary on career–namely my own, in politics–and money–namely my lack of and search for it.
  • Car Talk: There will be absolutely no talk of cars here. But I do love roadtrips, and new experiences. So consider this section a travel/exploration section. It’s just not as clever to call it Tangential-Car Talk.
  • Real Talk: Only real things, like my feelings, my art, and my unicorns.

Finally, before I set you free into the deep end off of which I’ve gone, I must warn that you might not always agree with my perspective. But this is my comma orgy, and as much as I would like to reach through the screen and click the “x” for you, I can’t. You’ll have to make do without my help this time.

mydrunkennoodle has left the chatroom.

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